Would you spend $395 to save $10000?Looking for something amazing?

Would you spend $495 to save more then $10,000?

For Sale by Owner

If you could save $10,000.00 or more on realtor commissions, why would you use a realtor?

PrivateList provides worldwide exposure. By using the internet we can expose your property to buyers from across the street to around the world. With 78% of Canadians using the internet and 80% of home buyers in North America starting their search on the internet, it makes the realtors' MLS no longer the only game in town.

In 2007, nearly 25% of the homes sold in North America were sold privately (without a realtor).

PrivateList provides in our "Tips and Tools" column, the advice you need to prepare your property, price it, advertise it, hold showings, negotiate, close and move on.

PrivateList provides buyers information on clarifying their goals, determining what they can afford, financing, legalities, negotiations and closing details.

All for about 1/30 of the price you would pay in realtor commissions.